For more than twenty years we have been successfully delivering architectural projects within the aviation sector.

Working originally as a designer within the BAA Framework agreement, we gained valuable experience across all the London airports, acting for both BAA and their contractors. Since the break up of BAA, we have continued to provide a specialist design service to GAL, HAL and MAG including projects to IDLs, Central Search Areas, Crew rooms, Airport Lounges, Welfare, Offices, Security, Retail, Food & Beverages and specialist airport critical facilities.

We have a good reputation across the airports as a team player, developing and delivering architectural designs whilst working within the constraints and restrictions of the aviation environment.

In addition to a thorough knowledge of the airport operators technical standards and working practises, attained over years of collaborative working on a multitude of different project types, we have also developed excellent working relationships with the key stake holders, enabling us to be pro actively responsive to and fully aware of, the specific airport design requirements, standards and legislation affecting the architectural design.

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