GAL ID Centre GAL ID Centre

GAL ID Centre

Gatwick Airport

April 2014

imus were appointed by GAL as the lead designer for both the concept development and production design delivery for the new ID Centre to the Ground floor of Gatwick Airports Ashdown House following investigation in to several alternative locations.

The new contemporary architectural design creates a fluid and exciting environment in what was effectively a small and enclosed space. The innovative introduction of curvature throughout the plans is a positive departure from the normal linear process driven general arrangements. The visual connection between the administrative and public areas enhances the sense of openness and maximises the impact of the limited natural lighting opportunities.

The project was successfully completed in March 2014 after only five weeks on site, ensur- ing operational continuation in what is one of the core services to the airport.

The client has hailed the project as setting a new standard to collaborative design at Gatwick Airport.

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