Airfield Fire Station Airfield Fire Station

Airfield Fire Station

Gatwick Airport

December 2017

Commencing in 2016, imus were appointed to work closely with GAL property and the AFS station officer to undertake a series of condition surveys and feasibility studies to establish a brief for the development of the Airfield Fire Station building and facility to bring it in line with the latest London Fire standards.

As part of the AFS reseach and development process imus were invited to visit recently completed new and refurbished London fire stations with GAL. The findings of the review resulted in imus being appointed by GAL to lead a multi-discipline design team to undertake a full investigative survey of the existing building, structure and services.

Once the findings of the survey works were considered and a design brief was drafted, GAL appointed imus to lead the delivery of a RIBA Stage 4 design for the implimentation of a full redevelopment of the Airfield Fire Station.

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